Dealing with Difficult People


The combination of different personalities in a workplace can often lead to intrapersonal conflict. Situations can arise where you must deal with difficult people. These challenging moments present the need to implement effective conflict resolution strategies.

To prevent conflicts due to difficult people, organizations can take a proactive approach to improving communications and empowering business relationships. Understanding conflict resolution techniques is essential for the growth and development of your organization.

Course Contents
  • Conflict as Communication
  • Benefits of Confrontation
  • Preventing Problems
  • Getting Focused
  • Managing Anger
  • Dealing with Problems
  • The Three-Step Conflict Resolution Model
  • Practice Makes Pretty Good
  • Changing Yourself
  • Why Don’t People Do What They Are Supposed To?
  • De-Stress Options to Use When Things Get Ugly
  • A Personal Action Plan
  • Summary
  • Post-Course Assessment

This course will take approximately 3 months to complete

Target Audience

This course is suited for:

  • Supervisors/managers/HR personnel/team leaders/business owners
  • People who want to improve their HR career prospects

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