Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace


Diversity training can help to eliminate communication barriers, while boosting your team’s confidence and self-awareness. Managers and their employees need to share the responsibility of promoting the four cornerstones of diversity in their workplace.

Our gender, our sexual orientation, our religion, our ethnic background, and our disabilities come together to form our identities. Managers of successful organisations have embraced the concept of individualism; the differences that exist between every employee. Diversity training has become an essential ingredient of business management.

Course Contents
  • Defining Diversity
  • How Does Diversity Affect Me?
  • Identifying Stereotypes
  • Wise Words
  • The Cornerstones of Diversity
  • How to Discourage Diversity
  • The STOP Technique
  • Managing for Diversity
  • Dealing with Discrimination
  • A Personal Action Plan
  • Summary
  • Post-Course Assessment

This course will take approximately 3 months to complete

Target Audience

This course is suited for:

  • Supervisors/managers/HR personnel/team leaders/business owners
  • People who want to improve their HR career prospects

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