Continuous upgrading of skills and abilities is an important responsibility of any professional, including administrative assistants.


The success of a business organisation is heavily dependent on the skills of administrative assistants. The topics in this course teach the essential strategies to improve the confidence, and thereby the performance of administrative personnel in an organisational environment.

Course Contents
  • Personal Best, Professional Best
  • Putting Others at Ease
  • Distorted Thinking
  • The Steps to Feeling Good
  • Understanding Assertiveness
  • Improving Your Assertiveness Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Asking and Listening
  • Non-Verbal Messages
  • Writing Skills
  • Getting Ahead
  • Self-Management
  • Setting Goals
  • Working as a Team
  • Working with Difficult People
  • Learning to Say No
  • Dealing with Stress
  • A Personal Action Plan
  • Summary
  • Post-Course Assessment

This course will take approximately 3 months to complete

Target Audience

This course is suited for:

  • People who want to follow careers as administrative assistants
  • New office assistants
  • Existing office assistants that want to improve on their skill sets

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